Backed by a winning combination of industry-leading quality, top-notch customer service, and over sixty years of continuous innovation, Texas Nameplate Company introduces a versatile, affordable DIGITAL NAMEPLATE® that brings mobile technology to 2D matrix code nameplates through TNC’s patented process.

Exciting Product Features
DIGITAL NAMEPLATE® can dramatically change the face of your product by increasing the information, usability and flexibility of your existing nameplate.

  • Add up to 200 alphanumeric characters, both fixed and sequential
  • Access using a standard camera phone (see compatibility list) or scanner
  • Allow users to connect instantly to Internet with camera phone
  • Adapt information for each product or customer

New, Improved Applications
With DIGITAL NAMEPLATE®, your nameplate can carry a host of new information in a very compact space and enhance your nameplate.

  • One-click link to Web, order, customer support or product pages
  • Serialized, sequential product data and service history
  • Product, warranty and operational information
  • Asset tracking and routing record
  • Inventory monitoring and control data
  • ISO, UL and CE standards certification information
  • Product use and liability clauses
  • Contact and Web site details

The DIGITAL NAMEPLATE® process covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,540,285 enables TNC to chemically etch QR codes and UIDs on traditional metal nameplates.

These unique codes, combined with smartphones and other scanning devices, allow for more information to be stored digitally and, thus, transferred more quickly. By electronically transferring the information, TNC’s patented process helps preserve the integrity of the encoded data and minimizes the room for human error and interpretation.

Unlike traditional, painted metal nameplates, TNC’s 2D matrix codes are chemically etched, meaning the codes can last a lifetime, withstanding harsh environments like salt water, outdoor elements common in oil fields and extreme temperatures and sun exposure prevalent in the solar and energy industries. TNC’s patented process of chemical etching allows for these codes to be read electronically even after the color fades away.