In its sixty years of operation, Texas Nameplate has supplied nameplates to various industries for a range of applications.

Aircraft and Aerospace
Aircrafts carry complex instrumentation that needs to be accurate and perform in high altitudes and extreme temperatures. Texas Nameplate supplies FAA tags, control panels, dials and gauges that meet these exacting needs precisely.

Vehicles require multiple nameplates for identification, warning, operations and certification purposes, that endure severe weather conditions and heavy usage. Texas Nameplate provides truck, tanker and trailer manufacturers with VIN tags and assembly information; dial indicators for temperature, oil, liquid and vapor; emergency and prevention labels; and name plates with vehicle maintenance and warranty information.

Computers, electronic equipment and sub-assemblies call for product and manufacturer information that fits into small areas and tolerates electrostatic discharge and heat dissipation. Texas Nameplate delivers clear, long lasting name plates for front panels, motherboards, antennas and other equipment.

Government and Military
Texas Nameplate supplies various government and military agencies and suppliers with products that meet MIL standards GG-P-455, MIL-P-514 and MIL-P-15024D. We use military alloys such as 1100, 1145, 5052 and 6061 to manufacture US Air force, Army and Navy tags; ID, asset and property plates; and operating and warning signs for numerous equipment and machinery per specification requirements.

Marine equipment and vessels operate in some of the harshest outdoor environment of high temperatures and salt water. Texas Nameplate manufactures long lasting, corrosion-proof nameplates for inspection and certification; hazardous conditions and safety tags; rating, re-rating and repair information on boilers, pressure gauges, tank plates, valves and more.

Oilfield equipment like centrifugal pumps, compressors, hydraulic machinery, pipelines, pressure vessels and valves operate in harsh outdoor locations with high levels of reliability. Texas Nameplate supplies general purpose ID, model plates, logos, warning and safety labels, and multi-language operating information for oilfield equipment manufacturers.

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