A message from Dale Crownover, President & CEO

Hello from Texas!

We are proud and excited to welcome you to Texas Nameplate. As a family-owned business we understand the need to build relationships and trust with those whom you do business. We have built our company culture to support continuous improvement and innovation to exceed our customers’ expectations.

As a company, we’ve been around a long time. When I began to take the business over from my Dad, I knew I was going to need to find my own path to grow the business. I had two small children at home and we were struggling as a business to make ends meet. At one point we had as many remake jobs in the shop, as we did actual orders.  Focusing on quality turned it all around.  Over the years I’ve learned to balance all of the needs of our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees and surrounding communities. I learned to help your employees make more money, you couldn’t raise prices on customers.  You have to improve the inside of your business with reducing nonconformances, measuring performance and reducing waste.  We focus on being better, not necessarily bigger.  We became stewards of the environment.  Most importantly I learned how to integrate my spiritual principles with today’s business practices.

We are proud of all of our accomplishments. Something we are especially excited about is our patented method to create a DIGITAL NAMEPLATE®. Folks, this is cool. We had a vision to bring nameplates forward. Instead of just giving you plain data, a DIGITAL NAMEPLATE® adds value to your product by helping with inventory, eliminating human error and providing information valuable, not just to you, but to your customer as the end user.

The world is changing with technology and globalization, and we are growing and moving along with it. We want to partner with our customers, as they face challenges, to help create innovative solutions. I invite you to see what Texas Nameplate can do for you! We just might surprise you.

Warm Regards,