Hello. My name is Texas Nameplate. I was born in 1946; so I’ve been around a while. The first twenty years of my life were tough and not a whole lot went well. Like most everyone, The first years are the hardest – trying to get your feet on the ground.

Texas Nameplate: The Past 70 Years. What started out to be just a nameplate supplier is now currently a role model for both performance and environmental excellence.

First 20 years (1946-1969) Went from three owners to just one. Moved into third location, tripling square feet of facility. Obtaining excellent customer and employee base with family / spiritual culture. Started building excellent reputation and serving the great state of Texas.

Second 20 years (1970-1990) Expanded capabilities; screen printing was added to the existing chemical etching. Reached out to serve outside of Texas to neighboring states as well as USA and abroad. Steady customer base. Business sustained.

Regulations started. OSHA, EPA – These two agencies caused chaos for many manufacturers; particularly so in the chemical etch nameplate industry. Texas Nameplate no doubt had issues tying to comply. Received numerous citations for improper water discharges. Were once told by Texas Water Commissions our water would be turned off if we did not start implementing procedures and processes to properly discharge water usage. We then understood how important water and other natural resources were to the community and environment.

Third 20 years (1991-2011) Business was sustained. Now we are about 50 years old and have documented processes and procedures in place. Started quality journey. Received SPC (statistical process control) certified by Lockheed Martin (customer). Then trained and implemented TQM (total quality management) Then became ISO 9000 (quality management system) certified. These three quality tools enabled us to submit applications for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence. Recognized as an award recipient in 1998 and again in 2004, we became ISO 14000 (environmental management system) certified. We are one of the very few nameplate companies to be both QMS and EMS certified. The EMS initiated our passion to get more involved and become a role model for the environment.

Fourth 20 years (2012-current) Now that Texas Nameplate is older (and wiser) and our business is now sustained, we see our vision to help others as it relates to both performance excellence (the Baldrige award criteria) and environmental excellence (both EMS and “Our Nameplates Are Green™”) This Green campaign hopefully will encourage others not only in our industry but manufactures in general to be more aware of our precious environmental resources.

A business is similar to our human lives. As you get older, you really want to help others. Texas Nameplate wants to help others. So we created and started “Our Nameplates Are Green™”.

We think our history will enable our story to be relate-able. We’re regular people with big hearts and a strong desire to make things happen. We have filed for five patents and received two and have three pending. Patents are an example of aspiring others to think differently and creatively. Sharing your thoughts and dreams to inspire others. We challenge ourselves constantly; how can we do or make something better? We don’t look at weaknesses; we look for opportunities for improvement.