Traditional nameplates are boring. Been boring all my life in the nameplate business. Nameplates have not changed since I saw my first nameplate over 60 years ago vs. one made today, it would be difficult to notice the difference. Very few customers consider a nameplate as a “value added” product. They often view nameplates as an expense. Traditional nameplates require being read; thus increases chance of transmitting improper data/information to the end user.

Digital Nameplate® offer the ability to transfer information electronically; thus eliminating human error. Information can be hosted online with specific information available as it relates to the product that the nameplate is attached to. Allowing the ability for information updates digitally without the extra cost of replacing the nameplate. A chemically etched quick response (QR) code is added to the product nameplate that also has the ability to be tracked for the customers that need analytics of the usage of their nameplates for future planning, This gives the customer the ability to track online their offline efforts, giving them an edge over their direct competitors.

Texas Nameplate desire was to offer an electronic process of reading or transferring information. We still believe today that the Digital Nameplate® could revolutionize the nameplate industry. Digital Nameplate® cost no more to manufacture… The idea was to provide a nameplate which would be “value added” than an expense as it always has been.

Our first concern was every one having to buy a scanner. Steve Jobs had not even invented the iPhone when we filed for the patent. Now everyone has a scanner…. Millennial’s love technology. The Digital Nameplate® provides this concept. Traditional nameplates are boring and offer nothing to excite this younger generation. QR codes have unlimited possibilities for data information and linkage. Traditional nameplates are limited to the size of the plate for information sharing. Now you can scan the Digital Nameplate® and watch a tutorial video, A personalized thank you message, or simply view a product page that has all of the information needed for that product and documentation that is guaranteed to be up to date.

At Texas Nameplate we are pro-millenial we like their forward thinking and creative minds. This is our way of making a change in an industry that is well over due for generations. A change that will add an unlimited amount of value to the product. The only limitation is the limits on a customer’s creativity and ability to problem solve.