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It’s our mission to be stewards of environmental sustainability by rejuvenating, recycling and reclaiming what we can throughout our processes. Read on to learn how we are role models in our industry.


On a mission to communicate at a level of pure transparency that Texas Nameplate Company is the leader and role model in their industry for excellence using green processes company wide, and to inspire others through their environmental processes of rejuvenate, recycle and reclaim. The purpose of showing these stats is to help inspire others to make small environmental changes and see how over time it can grow into an environmental movement that will make a difference to the world that we all live in and love.


Green Project Cost to Purchase ROI Time Annual Savings Annual Environmental Impact
Solvent Reclaimer $52,000 4 Years $12,500 Saved 1,200 Gallons of Solvent Waste
Acid Rejuvenation $20,000 1 Year $20,000 Saved 6,000 Gallons of Acid Waste
Water Recycle $18,000 3 Years $6,000 Saved 450,000
Paperless $75,000 1.5 Years $53,000 Saved 13 Trees
iScrubber™ Machine $240,000 2.4 Years $100,000 Saved 12 Tons of VOCs
Cardboard Recycle $7,000 7 Years $1,000 Saved 17 Trees
Water Base Paint N/A N/A $7,000 Saved 100 LBs of VOCs
Elimination of Rags N/A N/A $25,000 Saved 25,000 Rags
Metal Recycle N/A N/A $25,000 Saved 60,000 LBs
Total $412,000 $249,500


Going and being Green is a state of mind of continual improvement, It’s a process that we believe in. At Texas Nameplate Company we believe in investing into your future by investing into our environment. We don’t like that our industry is considered a high waste generator and we want to change that stereotype. We want to inspire others in our industry to make changes that are long over due to help reduce the environmental impact. We would love to see our industry as a whole make a change to go green. We understand it’s an investment but we believe in it and we hope you do too.

Texas Nameplate Co. iScrubber Paint Machine


The iSCRUBBER™ is an automated resist (mask) removing machine that Texas Nameplate Company designed and built over a four year period. Completely owned by Texas Nameplate Company, the iSCRUBBER™ has received interest from across the globe. The iSCRUBBER™ is unique to TNC and other nameplate companies by reducing VOC emissions, decreasing labor hours, eliminating soiled rags consumption, and diminishing exposure to hazardous chemicals. Competitors are using a manual process for stripping which could expose employees to harmful solvent base chemicals. For years Texas Nameplate Company and our competitors have struggled with the costly and potentially hazardous effects of manually processing sheets and this invention drastically transforms this step of the process. It is currently estimated that within three years, an investment in the iSCRUBBER™ will pay for itself in savings! Not only does the iSCRUBBER™ improve the time and cost of processing sheets but it reduces our carbon footprint on the environment. This machine meets or exceeds state and city environmental requirements. We are working with environmental quality professionals to certify the environmental benefits of using the iSCRUBBER™ versus traditional methods.


  • Dries all sheets, eliminating all rag usage
  • Operates by just one person
  • Is a closed system that reduces solvent usage by 75 percent and VOCs by more than 80 percent
  • Completes a minimum of 1.5 to 2 sheets per minute or 100-120 sheets per hour with one person compared to our competitors’ traditional methods of 30 sheets per hour with three people
  • Decreases the carbon footprint on the environment

Recently TNC has radically re-invented the nameplate manufacturing process by designing and building a state of the art manufacturing facility. We have gone the extra mile for both indoor and outdoor air quality at the new facility by installing state of the art air-scrubber systems in their chemical etching area, and by drastically reducing VOC emissions by using waterborne paint, and by the invention of iSCRUBBER™ technology. The iSCRUBBER™ is an enclosed, fully automated solvent scrubbing system designed for cleaning paint and resist from chemically etched nameplates. It produces less than 0.25 tons per year of VOC emissions at full capacity, and replaces a manual scrubbing process which used to emit around 10 tons per year of VOC emissions with much less capacity. Use of the iSCRUBBER™ also has eliminated the soiled rag waste stream.

Still on the fence? Check out some more stats to see why using the iscrubber™ is superior to the current industry standard


Commonly Used by Competitors

3 Person Operator/Manual Process

Without Using an iScrubber, Texas NamePlate Co


Patented TNC Process (iSCRUBBER™)

1 Person Operator/Automated Process

iSCRUBBER, Texas NamePlate Co

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