Hello Big Apple!

You’ve got to be kidding me! My first reaction to seeing the name Texas Nameplate on the big screen at Times Square in New York City. After I continued to rationalize how and why something like this had happened I quickly became somewhat emotional about what was truly taking place to the company my father started over 70 years ago after World War II and what he would think. My dad taught me to be humble; well, that practice went out the window having our name displayed in the Big Apple where 300,000 pedestrians go to Times Square daily. He was cost conscious; so I would have to tell him it was free. Now he would feel a little better knowing our cash flow would not be jeopardized. Then his infamous question he would probably ask, “what do you do with it”- or better yet, “what’s the big deal?” Sometimes being practical is way too difficult to challenge, much less with your father.

So, now what? Don’t know, other than I can express its way cool to see my father’s company name, plastered on the big screen in New York City. A little bragging for a man I truly loved for both being a neat dad and a great business man for all our stakeholders here at Texas Nameplate. A blessing his son will always cherish.

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