Metal Photo® Nameplates & Tags

MetalPhoto® nameplates are produced by exposing aluminum impregnated with a silver compound to light through a film negative. Photographic images are inlaid and sealed into the anodic layer of aluminum. The unique imaging process creates extremely high resolution graphics that make it ideal for machine-readable barcodes, serialized data, and anti-counterfeit security applications. MetalPhoto® also offers durability that can withstand the most extreme conditions and environments.

Texas Nameplate uses MetalPhoto® for specialized applications that demand longevity and quality imaging. 

Materials & Sizes

Texas Nameplate works with your specific requirements and drawings to provide the exact part you need.

We provide:

Materials include 1100 Satin or 1100 Matte.

Thickness .003” to .125”

Sizes up to 20'" x 24"

Metal Photo® Project Examples


Laser Cutting Process at Texas Nameplate Co.

Laser Cut

Texas Nameplate uses its Fiber Lasers to cut individual tags while decreasing lead times, reducing material scrap and maintaining tight tolerances. Laser cutting helps us provide high quality parts every time.

Tooling Turret at Texas Nameplate Co., Punching Process


Our advanced and uniquely designed turret machine allows us to manufactured nameplates like never before, exactly to your blueprint, on-time, and defect free.

forming and punch-brake machine, forming and cutting machine at Texas Nameplate Co.


We go beyond just flat metal tags. Our in house engineering team coupled with our press brakes allow us to form metal right here in our shop.

3M adhesives, adhesive procedure, Texas Nameplate Co.


Texas Nameplate uses 3M™ adhesive products on parts that require adhesive backing. These reliable adhesives ensure that your tag will stay secured for years to come.

sequential numbering process, Texas Nameplate Co.

Sequential Numbering

We can provide sequential numbering based on your specific needs. Texas Nameplate can provide stamped, laser engraved, chemical etching, and anodized numbering.

labels ready to be shipped, packaging process at Texas Nameplate Co.


Custom packaging is available based on your part requirements. We go above and beyond to maintain part integrity when packaging your parts.


Texas Nameplate is proud to serve a wide variety of industries including:

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