What We Do

We make Nameplates and so much more

Texas Nameplate manufactures nameplates, custom labels, name tags, identification tags, metallic and non-metallic nameplates and Digital Nameplate® that are used in various industries for a range of applications, both in normal and harsh environments.

Our Products

Aluminum Nameplates, Tags, & More, Texas Nameplates Co.

Aluminum Nameplates

Stainless Steel Etched Nameplate, Texas Nameplate Co.

Stainless Steel Nameplates

Brass Nameplate, Texas Nameplate Co.

Brass Nameplates

Metal Photo Panel, Texas Nameplate Co

Metal Photo®

Industry Role Models in Quality, Performance, & Environmental Excellence

Texas Nameplate fabricates and delivers metal nameplates and more that are Green™, defect free and on time.

That’s our 100% guarantee.