TNC looks to the future

Howdy y’all!

We have improved our processes yet again by getting a cool LTS (Laser to Screen) machine for our screen department.

With our old process, we used a printed film and a Exposure unit to create our screened images. We did the math and from August 2018 to the beginning of September 2019 we used over 1,175 lbs of film! The downsides to this process were the time and man power that we were using to print and cut the films, not to mention the cost of the film and ink.

With our new LTS machine, we are cutting out the use of films almost completely. When we create the artwork on a computer now we can directly send the artwork to a file on the machine’s computer so when we are ready to start the job we can click and go.

Having this machine doesn’t just have business and process advantages for TNC but Environmental ones too!

We will not have to worry about the disposal of film or ink and what long term effect it had on the ecosystem.

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